Wedding Dress Shopping Myths- THE TRUTH!

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Wedding Dress Shopping Myths- THE TRUTH!

Are you about to start your wedding dress shopping and feeling nervous? Perhaps you feel overwhelmed by all the information given to you at wedding fairs or in magazines? Well, this blog is perfect for giving you the truth about the wedding dress myths we hear brides have heard!

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Dresses take 6 months to arrive

In most cases, TRUE! This ultimately depends with the designer you buy with. Some take an honest 6 months, some can take over 6 months but some deliver in as little as 3. We often get an estimated delivery date from our designers of 6 months even though the dress will arrive nearer to 4. You never know what will happen- a factory could run low of fabric, customs could request to examine a shipment or the world can be overcome by a virus!

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When you place an order with us, your dress will be made just for you- not taken from stock and not sold off the peg. And when some dresses come with thousands of beads#

hand stitched on, it is easy to see why they can take so long!

You can adapt the design of a dress to suit your needs

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TRUE! We often get brides saying they love a dress BUT the neckline isn’t quite right/ they would like straps added/ they would like more sparkle or lace and all of these options can be completed by our in house seamstress (who is amazing, by the way!). If you are wanting to change the silhouette, there are several options like removing underskirts/ adding hoops etc. However, you couldn’t make an A-line in to a fishtail. If you love a dress but have just one change, then go for it- however be mindful that if you are changing more of the design than you are keeping, is this dress really the one?

The more the merrier is true for guests at my appointment

FALSE! Especially when it is your first time trying on bridal gowns. When wedding dress shopping, it is vital you have the people there whose opinions you NEED to decide on your dress. However, too many opinions being fired at you can be overwhelming when you are trying to decide what you like yourself.

Some people feel they need others there to reassure them, which is fine. However, in our experience this can back fire so our advice is bring along 1 or two people until you find the dress and then ask the boutique if you can bring others along after you have placed your order. This way you will have a relaxed experience and allow your bride tribe to feel included.

Every bride gets the emotional reaction to ‘their dress’

FALSE! Although we believe that every bride will know when they have found the dress of their dreams, not every bride will have tears and a gut feeling. We are all different after all. Some brides are more methodical in their choosing. Some listen only to their gut reaction and some even allow their grooms or parents to choose. But ultimately, every bride will know when the dress is right for them.

You have to be at your desirable weight/ size to do your wedding dress shopping

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FALSE! We often get told by brides that they would like to wait to lose baby weight/ shed some pounds before trying on dresses. If they are saying this a year/ 9 months ahead of the their wedding, they risk ruling out ‘made to order’ gowns if they continue to wait. What we say to brides is if you do your shopping now/ 12 months before the wedding and you find a dress that makes you feel amazing in your current form, then whether you lose weight or not, you will still love your dress. And on this note, a dress can be taken in up to two sizes so any weight loss can still be accommodated during your fittings.

And a few Do’s and Don’ts to bear in mind for your wedding dress shopping


Do consider going wedding dress shopping during the week. You are more likely to have more time with your consultant and in our case, often have the boutique to yourself.

Do keep an open mind to your stylist’s suggestions. It is very common for a bride to come in with one idea in mind and leave having purchased something totally different! Please also remember we see the dresses on different figures daily so might suggest the dress you feel fabulous in despite it not being what you expected to like.

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Do research boutiques before booking and read the customer reviews- they will give an honest reflection of their experience. As previously mentioned, we take pride in the care of our brides and our customer reviews reflect this.





And a couple of things we wouldn’t advise!

Don’t feel anxious about your wedding dress shopping. At Victoria Elaine Bridal, we take pride in making our brides feel relaxed. By having your own changing suite, you won’t be on view in the shop unless you choose to be. And we have a no pressure sales ethos so rest assured, you will leave your appointment with us feeling relaxed and happy.

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Don’t make your wedding stress shopping stressful by booking too many appointments or bring too many guests. On average, a bride will find her dream dress in the third shop and try on 13 different styles before finding it. And don’t forget, too many opinions can be an overwhelming experience for you- bring the people whose opinions you NEED.

Don’t look at other dresses when you have found ‘the one’! We see brides experiencing FOMO often when really, they have found their dress. When you find a dress, you love and feel fantastic in, even shed a tear or two…. you have found your wedding dress! Congratulations- enjoy your moment and avoid temptation of other boutiques!


We hope this advice means your wedding dress shopping will be a magical one! Should you wish to include Victoria Elaine Bridal in the search for your wedding dress, simply book an appointment via our website

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