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Victoria Elaine Bridal- Bridal Shop Kent- What to ask in bridal appointments.

So you have researched which bridal shops to visit, booked your appointments and made sure your #bridetribe have R.S.V.P’ed to the shopping day! But what do you actually need to consider during your appointments to make sure you have all the information to find THE ONE?

Below are just a few of the questions you should ask your bridal stylists.

Victoria Elaine Bridal
Victoria Elaine Bridal

Before the appointment:

How long are your appointments?

This is a vital piece of information as you can not plan your day otherwise! Our appointments are up to 90 minutes, but other boutiques will only spend an hour with you. We advise if you are making a day of it, do two appointments before lunch and one after. This means you have sometime in the afternoon to go back and view any gowns for a second time.

What underwear should I wear?

Something we get asked a lot! All we suggest is that you are comfortable. A strapless bra can be a good idea, however as so many of the dresses are backless/ have illusion backs, brides often take their bras off. If you are trying on crepe gowns, then knickers without a VPL would also be a good idea.

How many guests should I bring?

The magic answer is not too many. We understand you need certain individuals’ opinions to make this very important decision, but having too many people will be overwhelming. The ideal number is two guests, and three is still very manageable for you but anything over and you could wish you kept the numbers down.

Bridal shop Maidstone

When you are in the bridal shop:

Which style would suit me?

It is completely understandable if you need help finding the style you like the most as you possibly haven’t worn a wedding dress before. Any bridal shop will treat your very first appointment in the same way, try on different styles and see what you prefer. We may be able to tell you which gowns will flatter your figure, but if they aren’t to your taste, then it will be very little help to you. Essentially, it is all about you and what you like so we try to find this information out very quickly!

For more information on what silhouettes will suit your body shapes, read another of our blogs here:

Which designer is this dress by?

Some brides need to know the designer, others don’t mind. I would always suggest you ask, as the information you receive should add some insight in to your purchase. For example, our brides love to hear that Ellis Bridals is still owned by the same family it was 100 years ago and is the longest running British bridal designer as it offers faith that they are buying from the best!

Can you suggest a gown that I should try on?

We love it when a bride is open to us selecting a wild card. We see our gowns on all different shapes and sized bodies, so we have a good idea what you suit you. Frequently, when we are asked to pick a wildcard, it will be a style the bride hasn’t considered and often it is the gown the bride ends up going for! So what do you have to lose, ask us for a wildcard!

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When you have found the one!

What colour choices do I have?

Often the designer will make a gown in 2 or more colour options, but a bridal shop will only buy one for the rails. It is always worth asking about the colour options as designers are currently finding new and wonderful shades to incorporate in to their gowns. And please do not be too shocked if white isn’t an option, many designers try to stay away from white, offering a pale ivory instead.

Are there any matching items that go with this dress?

We try to carry any matching accessories that designers make to match their gowns as we appreciate how brides will like everything to tie into one another. Hayley Paige is a Godsend for this! With matching veils and even flower girl dresses made to match the bridal gowns, there is always something we can show you!

Check our her veil and flower girl collections here!

Can I try a veil/headpiece/shoes?

Of course (you shouldn’t have to ask). If there is one thing you should try to buy with your bridal gown in the same bridal shop, then it is the veil. It is really difficult to decide which veil would look best and if the shade of ivory/champagne/blush will match when you are wearing jeans and a tee and haven’t seen your bridal gown for a few months!

How do I know what size to order it in?

When you have said that all important yes, we will take your measurements and see how you measure up to the designer’s size chart. Each designer works to a different size chart so please don’t be too surprised if you measure up as a different size to the high street. The likelihood is you will also come up between sizes, so depending on the cut of the gown, we would advise you go up to the larger size and have areas taken in to fit your shape.

The golden question…’What if I want to lose weight?’ Well gowns can be taken in up to two sizes quite comfortably, so we would advise to order in the size you measure up as now, and then have it taken in once you have lost the weight.

Do you do alterations in house?

It’s nice for a bride when the shop has found you the seamstress and you can go on their recommendation. We have one of the very best seamstresses around working with us and we can say with confidence that Jane will look after you and your gown.

Please note, not every seamstress is qualified to handle bridal gowns- you will want someone with lots of experience to do your alterations!

We offer our alterations as a package and will go through with you at point of order the costs involved.

How long does the dress take to come in?

The honest answer is 1) it depends on the designer and 2) we as a bridal shop will be given an estimated delivery date so never really know 100% for sure. Due to this, we always say a standard of 6 months, with some designers able to get the gown to us in 4. We do not like promising something that may be taken out of our control so if 6 months is too far away etc, then discuss this with us and it may be we direct you to certain designers/ request a rush delivery on your gown (surcharge applies).

We always advise a bridal gown is ordered a year before the wedding whenever possible as it will give plenty of time for the gown to arrive and you to have alterations without rushing. If you have a less than a year to your wedding, you will still get a dress, don’t panic! Just please start looking sooner rather than later.

How much is the dress and what do I pay now?

Well, if you are working to a strict budget, please keep asking the first half of this question with every dress you select. Some bridal shops keep the prices a secret until you have fallen in love with a gown that’s double your budget!

Providing the gown you have chosen are within your budget and you are happy to pay the price of it, we always take a 50% deposit at point of order, and the other 50% when the gown arrives to the boutique.

If you decide to order accessories as well, then we will request 100% of these at point of order as they come into the boutique very quickly.
One thing to consider with budget is what it is covering. We have brides who will say £1500 for the dress, but then forget to take in to account alterations and accessories. Would £1500 (for example) what you wish to spend on just the dress or all in? If it’s all in, then your dress budget could be nearer £1000 if this is the case.


Hopefully this blog has given you lots to consider ahead of your appointment in your selected bridal shop. If you wish to book an appointment with us, please use the link below.

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