Wedding Shoes Available at Victoria Elaine Bridal

wedding shoes victoria elaine bridal

Wedding Shoes Available at Victoria Elaine Bridal

Once you have found your dress, you need to start the hunt for your wedding shoes! But there are so many styles out there, which will suit your bridal style the best?

Here at Victoria Elaine Bridal, we stock shoes by The Perfect Bridal Company. They offer a wide range of styles and all are made with materials designed to make their shoes comfortable. (We even own pairs of the Stara shoe to wear to work as they are so comfy!)

Your bridal shoes have the potential to make or break your wedding day so you need to consider the following things before you purchase.

What to consider:

You will need to purchase your bridal shoes in time for your first fitting with the seamstress. Wearing them will determine how much your gown will be taken up. If you choose shoes with a view that you will change in to flats later on, then be prepared for your gown to be too long for you from this point of the day. The ideal scenario is to find a pair that will last you all day.

What heel do you find comfortable now? If you are used to wearing stilettos for 12 hours at a time, then you will be fine to wear these on your wedding day. However, if you prefer a block heel, wedge or trainer then go for what you know!

The embellishment on your gown may determine the design of shoe you go for. If you have a lace gown, perhaps you will look for a lace shoe etc. However, unless you have ordered a tea-length gown, it is probable that guests will only see the very tip of your shoes.

Wedding shoes do not have to be worn just once! With designers expanding the range of colours gowns come in, it is possible you will not be looking for an ivory shoe. Therefore, be brave with colour. And should you buy a satin shoe, most bridal shops can arrange to have these dyed by the designer after your wedding for a small fee.

And finally, please, please, please make sure you wear your shoes in before your wedding day! There’s nothing worse than slipping on a pair of shoes and knowing instantly you will regret wearing them by the end of the day!

Here is a range of our favourite/ best selling shoes at Victoria Elaine Bridal.


wedding shoes victoria elaine bridal
Meghan is Ivory Silk

Named after the Duchess of Sussex, these elegant shoes come in both a silk or satin fabric. Not only that, but they also come in an ivory or nude colour.

The heel height on these would need to be considered before purchase, however the padding inside will make your feet feel content as you walk down your aisle.

Without any embellishment, these shoes will match every gown, however if you needed a little sparkle, why not purchase a pair of our sparkly shoe clips to customise them?

Below we have the Pear clip, which cost £18.00 and completely transform the look of the shoe.

wedding shoe clips
Shoe clip- Pear


These sparkly angels will make you the Cinderella of your ball! The Stara shoe comes in Ivory, Nude, Navy or Black so will suit a wide range of outfits for all the bridal party!

The heel height on these is a sensible 82mm, and take it from us, once worn in they are super comfortable!

This is a shoe that you will get a lot of wear out of!

the perfect bridal company victoria elaine bridal
Stara in Nude



bridal sneakers available at victoria elaine bridal     the perfct bridal company

Pia (Left) Nikki (Right)

Since arriving in the boutique in October 2019, these are our most popular bridal shoe. Brides are realising that the sneakers offer the comfort needed for a long wedding day. So why not ladies?

Referring back to the point on embellishment, The Perfect Bridal Company have you covered with the lace covered Pia sneaker, or the Nikki which has more sparkle.
Again, these shoes would be worn after your wedding day, making them well worth the price tag!


For a delicate kitten heel, we would recommend our Eliza shoe!

the perfect bridal company

With a 1 inch heel height, you will still gain the good posture a heel will give you, but not have to worry about being too tall/ not being able to walk.

The sparkle on the strap is reminiscent of the gems on some of our gowns, making them the perfect match for many dresses! And being satin, these can be dyed after your wedding day- wouldn’t they look amazing in black or navy?


For the bride who is looking for something a little bit different, the Bianca shoes are as cute as a button!

With a heel height of 90mm, a round toe and ribbon tie, your feet will feel secure and at ease in these. The heel may be high, however it is quite wide, so you won’t feel like you are wearing a stiletto.

These shoes are available in Ivory satin, Ivory lace, Ivory leather or Ivory organza, so will match a wide range of fabrics used in bridal gowns!

wedding shoes at victoria elaine bridal

How to buy

These are just a fraction of the wedding shoes we have to offer at Victoria Elaine Bridal. No matter your style, we will have something to suit!

To order, all you need to do is pop in to the boutique (no appointment needed) and a member of staff will be happy to help. We carry a lot of stock in the boutique, however we are able to order any shoe by The Perfect Bridal Company to arrive in store!

To view the entire collection, use this link:

To see styling tips for the shoes we have in stock, visit our Pinterest site at


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