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Valentine’s Day 2021- how to celebrate! : Victoria Elaine Bridal
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Valentine’s Day 2021- how to celebrate!

Valentine’s Day 2021- how to celebrate!

Valentine’s Day 2021- how to celebrate!

Going in to lockdown in March 2020, I think none of us would believe we would be spending Valentine’s Day 2021 in another lockdown! But, here we are and we have put a few ideas together to make it a special day with your loved one! And they can all be done last minute and at home to keep you safe!


1: Living room/ bedroom floor picnic!

valentie's day 2021

Change up the routine and have your Valentine’s Day meal in the form of a picnic! It’s really easy to do! Grab a blanket and a candle, switch off the lights for ambience and treat yourselves to lots of finger food! Chocolate covered strawberries are a must for this!

Want to make it more sensual? Why not feed each other or blindfold your loved one while you feed them!

home made cinema

2: Create your own back row of the cinema in your own living room!

This is one I have done personally, and it was surprising how a few little touches made the experience feel real!

Firstly, I printed out cinema ticket templates, and signs that could all be customised. As this was a surprise for my boyfriend, I gave him a choice of films he would like on the screening choice sign and customised the concessions to his liking. And note the currency I was using- my breakfast in bed the next day was amazing and well deserved!

To set up, the concessions were ordered and served in the kitchen, and the lounge was in darkness with the film ready to play on screen. I even showed him to his seat with a torch! Corny, I know…but the little touches went a long way to  making the experience feel real!

If the little touches are too much, just by having warm, ‘proper’ popcorn and watching the movie in pitch black made all the difference!


valentine's day 20213: Pub crawl!

Hands up if you or your loved one is missing going out out? My hand is fully stretched upwards!

Well, create your night out in your own home. Note: for this option, getting glammed up with hair and makeup done is essential!

If a bar/pub crawl is your ideal night out, then why not go on one….in your own home of course! This will require either some decorations or a lot of imagination but imagine if every room in your house was a different pub! Maybe each serving a different or specialist drink? You could start with your pre-drink in the bedroom while you get ready, go to a cocktail bar in your kitchen and end up in the club in your living room!

Just doing something different in the rooms you are spending 24/7 in will break up the week and create the memories that Valentine’s is all about!

4: Bath time!

Maybe this Valentine’s, you need a bit of pampering! So why not go all out and pamper each other? Draw a special bath with bath salts you’ve been saving for a special occasion. Do a face mask together and end the night with a massage.

I think every engaged couple could do with taking some proper time to relax at the moment, so why not use Valentine’s as your excuse!

5: Take a dance class!

Whether you would take it seriously or use it as a reason to goof around, why not learn a new dance together?

On YouTube, there are so many types of online dance lessons to choose from. You could try a salsa class or even bring the Strictly out in you and try ballroom! Or you could even grab your partner by the arm and try a bit of line dancing!

Whatever takes your fancy, just have fun…you never know, you might even find a new hobby to do together!

Use this link to see what sort of classes are available!

6: Spice it up!

Sick of the same old routine? Are the weeks starting to blend and turn into months?

If that’s yes, then spice up the routine on Valentine’s day!

Whether it’s having a candlelight dinner with the TV OFF or spending some ‘one on one’ time between the sheets, breaking up the routine and making each other your focus for the day/ evening will be all you need this Valentine’s!

So my advice is, order the takeaway you’ve been promising yourselves, wear the lingerie that’s been collecting dust or have one of those all night chats where you learn new surprises about each other! And make your Valentine’s Day 2021 a special one!


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