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Should I book an appointment to try on dresses? : Victoria Elaine Bridal
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Should I book an appointment to try on dresses?

Should I book an appointment to try on dresses?

At Victoria Elaine Bridal, it is advisable for you to book an appointment so our bridal stylists are ready for your one to one experience and have prepared all the little finishing touches we put in place for your consultation. It also means you will not be kept waiting and seen to immediately.
There is also the risk that we will be fully booked. Saturdays will get booked up weeks in advance; imagine getting yourselves excited for a day of dress shopping only to be turned away as we already have several brides in our fitting suites already.
If you are nearby and fancy coming in to look around, you will always be welcome and we will let you know our availability for the day. If we are unable to see you, we can find a mutually agreeable time and get your bridal styling appointment booked in the diary. We have our fittings on a Thursday, so we have reduced capacity for bridal styling, and Saturdays are notoriously busy, but otherwise we will try to see you that day.

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