Princess Beatrice: how to get her bridal style!

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How many of you were shocked to see Princess Beatrice married in a private ceremony this month? We were, but with hindsight, we shouldn’t have been as this Princess has always done the unexpected.

With just a few photographs released by the Royal Family, we were thankful to get a good look at her gown, as we knew it would be a special one! And Princess Beatrice did not disappoint. Here is why we love her choice of gown and just because we are nice, we have also included some tips on how to master her bridal style!

The gown, and why we love it!

Reportedly, Princess Beatrice made a last minute request to her grandmother, the Queen, to borrow a gown for her secret wedding. The chosen one is a diamante encrusted, taffeta gown that was designed by Sir Norman Hartnell. The Queen wore this gown to the London premiere of ‘Laurence of Arabia’ in 1962. 
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Sentimental value

The first reason why we love this decision is the sentimental value. Princess Beatrice is said to be very close to her Grandmother so wearing a gown that was part of her own collection must have come with an extra heartwarming feeling. And knowing that this was a last minute decision that Beatrice made, having had a change of heart on her original gown, makes it seem like it was meant to be.

Think green!

Working in the bridal industry, we are often hearing the saying ‘You will only wear the dress once’ and in this time, it’s a thought that does not sit easy with us. It is becoming increasingly popular for labels to offer a sustainable alternative or give back to charity’s in support of a greener future. So having a member of our Royal family wear something that’s been worn before (shock horror!) can only be a good thing in our eyes. Will this make you consider the environmental impact of your wedding? Would you consider going vintage?

Ticks all the boxes

So many different styles are trending in the bridal world at the moment. Whether it is boho, sparkly, daring to be different or traditional, they are all going strong and do not look to be going anywhere soon. Princess Beatrice made a clever choice with this gown, as despite it being vintage, it does show a nod to some things brides are requesting right now.

Design changes

This gown is a prime example of how you can transform a gown (relatively simply) to meet your requirements.
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We often have brides in the boutique who love a dress, but one minor thing is wrong. Did you know that we can often fix that minor change in order for it to be the dress of your dreams?

Princess Beatrice had a puffball cap sleeve added, using the seam of the existing straps. A very clever way of meeting the Royal requirement to have your shoulders covered during a wedding service. Any strapless gown can have straps added, and if there is a seam for a strap, then sleeves can be added too.

Princess Beatrice also had petticoats removed from the skirt to remove some of the volume for a more romantic, flowy draping. We also suspect the Queen may have worn some sort of hoop when she wore the gown, but Princess Beatrice clearly isn’t. This one change is very simple to fix and change the look of a gown entirely.

The Tiara

princess beatrice wedding, weddingdressesmaidstone The dress wasn’t the only thing Princess Beatrice borrowed for her wedding day. It was also agreed that she would wear the Queen Mary fringe tiara from the Queen’s collection. What made this choice extra special is this is the tiara the Queen wore on her wedding day.

Obviously, it is a requirement of a princess to wear a tiara on her wedding day, and we love how timeless and modern this once looks. I wonder if this tiara was selected to accessorise this gown, or if Princess Beatrice had always requested it?

How do you recreate this style?

With this gown being so unique and one of a kind, it poses difficulty in finding a designer who has created anything similar. Therefore, we have selected a few gowns, all by Hayley Paige (@misshayleypaige) that have things in common with Beatrice’s gown.

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From left to right: Stassi, Lumi, Brando

As previously mentioned, there is no replica gown to feature, so we have selected three that are reminiscent of different parts to our latest royal wedding entry.

If the encrusted beading was what you liked about Princess Beatrice’s gown, then Stassi, with her wide halter strap and heavily embellished bodice would be a good choice! And if you wanted beading moving in to the skirt, no problem, although we love the handkerchief playful skirt that Hayley Paige has designed here too!

For the whimsical feel and uniqueness of Beatrice’s gown, we think Lumi would work! With her star sequined bodice and puffball sleeves, this gown is definitely like no other! This gown is shown in the Blue Moon colour, with hues of champagne and blue making up the skirt, but it is also available in Ivory.

And for the romantic vibe, with a cap sleeve, we would suggest Brando. A lower neckline than any Royal would be allowed to wear, this gown isn’t for the faint hearted. However, we feel it is a winner due to the glittery skirt and Luxemburg embellished lace.

Not forgetting accessories


From our favourite headpiece company, Arianna Tiaras, we have selected two modern alternatives to the Princess’s tiara. Here we have AR177 (left) for a crystal tiara that wouldn’t overwhelm any of the dress options above.

However, for a modern, whimsical and romantic look, how about the Larkspur tiara from their 2020 collection? The opal and pearl tones of this piece give an alternative, softer look that we think would look so dreamy for anyone’s wedding day!


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