Hayley Paige- what’s not to love?

Bridal designer

Hayley Paige- what’s not to love?

If you follow Victoria Elaine Bridal closely, then you will know we have a lot of love for Hayley Paige and her designs. But ahead of our second Hayley Paige trunk show of 2019, lets delve in deeper about what makes one of her gowns so special.

Hayley Paige bridal gowns
Our Hayley Paige collection

Who is Hayley Paige?

Hayley took the fashion world by storm and began working in the industry straight after she showed her 10 piece bridal collection in her graduating year at college. She has interned for both Nina Garcia and Jill Stuart all before becoming the head designer for JLM Couture at the age of 25! Since working with JLM, her number of collections have grown and her aspirations continue to take the design world by storm.

Not only does she design for the Hayley Paige Collection, Hayley Paige Occasions (bridesmaids) and La Petite by Hayley Paige (mini-maids) that we have in the boutique, but she also has Blush by Hayley Paige, At Leisure by Hayley Paige, her Red Carpet collection, her emoji brand ‘Matrimoji’, pop up shop of Hayley Paige goodies including her sketches and this year she has collaborated with Hearts of Fire to create a jewellery range for brides to be! How does one woman do it?


Hayley says that her inspiration for her collections comes from different people she meets or dreams that she has. In the past she has imagined a women, be it someone going to a festival or the vision of female empowerment and designed a gown to summarise that energy. Each collection takes on a different meaning. For her Spring 2019 collection, she wanted to create the feeling of empowered women, where as previous collections had celebrated aspects and the exuberance of the 80’s.

Bridal designer
Hayley Paige


Her design is fresh and unlike the classic bridal gown you will see globally. Her approach to design is thorough and her design studio in Manhattan is a hub of creative energy which she dutifully oversees. Not only will Hayley be innovative when designing styles, but she works from scratch in designing her own fabrics. This means her gowns really can’t be recreated by other designers. Her layered skirts and caviar fabrics are just two of the things that are playful and signature to Hayley’s style. Hayley isn’t afraid of colour either. Her gowns come in a range of colours from alabaster to blue to sandwashed orchid! It’s just another reason why her work appeals to so many!

With Hayley overseeing the production of gowns, with consideration over each pattern being cut and where every lace applique should be applied, the quality of her gowns really is unrivalled. With everything made in New York, choosing Hayley Paige for you bridal, bridesmaid or mini-maid gowns would never be a bad choice!

Let’s take a closer look at some of our favourite gowns of hers!

Her work- Decklyn

Decklyn, along with Dori are among Hayley’s earlier successes. Hayley was the designer to originally use the striped fabric in her designs. Decklyn is made from organza, keeping the gown light weight and the horse-hair edged skirt floaty and bouncy when you move.
Her bodice, with V-neckline and back is fitted to the waist and cut in a way that is flattering for the majority of brides. A ribbon tie softly cuts across the stripes, synching in your waist.

bridal gown decklyn by Hayley Paige

Decklyn has also been tweaked so it appears in Hayley’s Inclusive range- a range of her bridal gowns that have been adapted with a curvy lady in mind (available in sizes US20-28).

Size Inclusive Decklyn
Size Inclusive Decklyn


Markle is the queen of the Hayley Paige range in our eyes. In Hayley’s signature labyrinth caviar fabric, she sparkles and twinkles in every light, but her tulle skirt beneath balances it so the fabric isn’t too overpowering. It’s such a simple detail, but what we love most about Markle is her waistband as this works wonders for your figure ladies! Having the band really takes you in at the waist before her ball room skirt explodes beneath. This makes this gown work for the majority of body shapes!

Markle bridal gown

We have her in the boutique in Cashmere (also available in ivory) as the nude undertone really warms up the skin tone and works just as well for brunettes with olive skin as it does for faired skin blondes. We just love her!

Markle bridal gown


Mulan is a gown that is one her way to us…we have to patient just a little while longer!

Mulan bridal gown

In our opinion, Mulan is as close as Hayley could ever get to what you see in other labels in that she has included ‘lace’ and conformed to the love of plain skirts…however this gown is not classic, it is so much extra!

The bodice is embroidered umami lace stitched to tulle all the way down to the waist and sleeves. Her keyhole back adds a daring detail, as does the slit in her organza skirt!

Mulan by hayley paige

Stay tuned to her social media for when we have this goddess of a gown delivered!

La Petite by Hayley Paige

La Petite is designed for mini-brides as they are created with the same fabrics as her bridal collection. Take Zazie for example, made to match the previously mentioned Decklyn.

La petite by Hayley Paige

One of our favourites is Dot due to her different take on what a mini-maid gown can be. Many little girls would love the idea of a sparkly, special dress…but what if they don’t? Then Dot is the answer. Her white tee with a choice of silver or gold cheeky catchphrase ‘I’m here for the cake’ sums up what a lot of adults would love to say! Her tutu comes in ivory, alabaster and rose water (blush tones) so the outfit can still be in keeping with your theme.

Flower girl dress

Hayley Paige Occasions

As with all of her designs, Hayley Paige’s bridesmaid range is fashion forward and different to what else you will find in the UK. With a unique selection of fabrics teamed with what Hayley does best in occasion wear, a different take on a neckline or back detail, it would be difficult to beat this range. Below is a selection of the gowns we carry that show the variation of what you can find.

Bobbie 5818
bridesmaid jumpsuit
hayley paige bridesmaid
hayley paige bridesmaid

If you have read this and are eager to see more of her work, then we have a trunk show in store on Saturday 2nd November and Sunday 3rd November. This event will sell out so please do not delay in requesting your appointment using the link below. (A booking charge of £20 is necessary to secure and confirm your booking).


To look at Hayley’s full collection, use the link below. (Please note that the UK runs one collection behind the US, therefore fall 2019 dresses will be in store very late 2019/ New Year 2020).



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