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Celebrity Wedding- the best of #FamousWeddingFriday : Victoria Elaine Bridal
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Celebrity Wedding- the best of #FamousWeddingFriday

celebrity wedding

Celebrity Wedding- the best of #FamousWeddingFriday

Celebrity Wedding- the best of #FamousWeddingFriday 2019

A celebrity wedding can often inspire your own choice of bridal gowns when planning your wedding. It was during a discussion with a member of #TeamVEB that inspired us to begin our #FamousWeddingFriday weekly post. We discovered that not only had brides been inspired by celebrity choices, but just how much they had influenced bridal design in question. Think back to 2011, when Kate Middleton rocked the lace sleeve in Westminster Abbey….brides are still asking for a ‘Kate’ dress now, 8 years later!

Our #FamousWeddingFriday has been in existence for just over a year now. Here is a selection of our favourite and most iconic celebrity weddings we have featured.

The Duchess of Cambridge

We couldn’t mention her in the introduction without featuring her in more detail! And a Royal wedding still counts as a celebrity wedding, right? When Kate Middleton stepped out in her gown designed by Sarah Burton, creative director to Alexander McQueen, the world gasped. This gown was everything and more. The lace sleeves and V-neck followed the Royal rules but still came across as modern. The embroidered skirt and long train made the impact that we hope for from every Royal Wedding too.

celebrity wedding

In our #FamousWeddingFriday, we featured the ‘Abigail’ gown by Ellis Bridals. The lace sleeves, V-neck and full skirt are reminiscent of the Duchess’s gown. However, this one offers a little more sparkle with a belt placed to synch in the waist.

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The Duchess of Cambridge has heavily influenced the bridal market in the past decade. Lace was seen as old fashioned before she revolutionised how designers can utilise lace. If you are after a lacy gown, you might just have the Duchess of Cambridge to thank!

The Duchess of Sussex

We can’t include one Duchess without the other! When Meghan married Prince Harry in 2018, we knew she would bring Hollywood glamour to her bridal style! Meghan wore a Givenchy crepe gown which was daringly close to breaking the ‘covered shoulder’ rule the Royals must follow! This completely unadorned gown forced bridal designers to go right back to basics and produce incredibly simple or non-existent embellishment in their collections. Since her 2018 wedding, satin has flooded the bridal market and we do not go a week without selling a crepe gown. This trend is here to stay for some time yet.

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When we featured Meghan’s gown, we paired it with the ‘Harper’ gown by Ellis Bridals. The silhouette of Harper is extremely similar, as is the fabric. What is brilliant about the Harper gown is the sleeves are detachable. Let’s face it, we can’t all afford a second gown for the reception like the Royal Family, so this is a great way of having 2 looks in one dress!

ellis bridals, bridal designer, bridal shop, maidstone

Kim Kardashian

We featured Kim Kardashian’s dress from her third wedding to Kanye West. This was the celebrity wedding of 2014! This racy crepe gown with lace cut outs certainly the curves that Kim and the other Kardashians are famous for. This fitted silhouette has been popular throughout the 2010’s and shows off hourglass figures like Kim’s perfectly.

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We suggested Amber by Ellis Bridals would make a suitable, more modern take on Kim’s gown. This crepe gown with illusion neck, back and sleeves shows off a curvy figure with its fit and flare silhouette. The train on this gown is what make the heart flutter though! The long, lace train will really make an impact as you walk down the aisle- don’t forget, the back of a bridal gown is just as important as the front!


It wasn’t just a celebrity wedding that we covered in 2019, we also took inspiration from events, such as the Met Gala. The Met Gala is held for the rich and famous in New York every year. Guests always take the opportunity to wear anything from the very cutting edge of fashion to outrageous outfits. This is exactly what Zendaya did in 2019. Her ‘Cinderella’ ballgown, complete with fairy lights (yes, fairy lights) was the talk of the town.

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Although it is not as theatrical as Zendaya’s choice, we felt the ‘Billie’ gown by Hayley Paige was a good reflection of how bridal is also taking inspiration from the red carpet. Created from layers of pale blue tulle, this gown is traditional in silhouette but unique in colour! What we really love about Billie is the rhinestone detail on the back. It sparkles and dazzles and is just enough detail on this sublimely beautiful gown!

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Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi

We were able to show off two different styles when taking inspiration from this couple’s wedding. When Ellen and Portia married in 2008, they each went for very different styles. Portia went all out with a halter neck satin and tulle dropped waist ball gown in a ivory and blush combo. While Ellen opted for a trouser and blouse in Ivory.

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For Portia’s choice, we substituted in Chloe by Phil Collins Bridal, which has sadly been discontinued this month (our sample will be in our January sale)! The Mikado satin skirt will keep its structure and remain ‘full’ all day long while the neckline is identical to Portia’s choice. For Ellen’s look, we selected ‘Brydie’ from our Hayley Paige Occasions range. Back in 2008, jumpsuits weren’t widely available, so this is a more on trend option for the bride. Made from crepe, this jumpsuit feels plush on the skin and has a low back to show off some skin.


We couldn’t look through our best bits without including a Disney Princess! The film Enchanted featured a Disney Princess who fell into a parallel universe called New York City. Watching Giselle adapt to her new environment humoured the audience, but it was her first gown on the film, her wedding dress that we took inspiration from.

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Lyla by Hayley Paige is a gown fit for a Disney Princess. Her floral caviar fabric in sand washed orchid contrasts with the blush and ivory tulle underneath on the skirt. The off the shoulder straps are reminiscent of Belle from Beauty and the Beast, as is the full ball gown skirt. I don’t know about you, but it also reminds me of Belle’s dress too! This gown is the dress little grow up dreaming off, and now you can actually have that option!

#FamousWedingFriday is going to continue in 2020, with a Royal Princess for our very first week….can you guess who? Do you have any celebrity weddings you want us to feature? If so, let us know!

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